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Tractor King 60
Strong and Economical

Starting at just $28,990 + GST or around $139 per week on finance, scroll down for all inclusions and package options

Want to Get Things Done With Ease??

From just $139 per week, Step it up to the King 60

Do you have property you need to take care of? The King 60 gives you speed to do the jobs fast and with no hassles

Maybe you have a hobby farm, you make some extra $ on the weekends, you know you can make more money and you just need the right tractor to do it?

Has your current tractor given up the ghost or barely performing? You want a new one but don’t want to spend huge $ on a brand name tractor that, when it comes down to it, you are just paying for the brand and not much more?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we have great news: King 60 is here so you can get your jobs done. Our turnkey Tractor King 60 measuring 5.0m long x 1.75m wide is truly an amazing machine and probably just right for you.

It includes all our standard features, plus everything you need to get started, including:

  • Easy to apply, no deposit and financing available– Tractor King 60 from just $139 per week, all done via experienced finance teams that search for the best deal for you, from the first day you own your new tractor, no dodgy overpriced rent-to-own options
  • 8 speed forward and reverse – Never worry about running out of gears, yours will have a gear for every situation
  • ROPS cab to Australian Standards– This keeps you safe; it also avoids injury in the unlikely event of a roll over
  • Large deep grip tyres– this allows you to grip in the most sticky situations
  • 4wd – Quick engagement selection between 2wd and 4wd
  • Easy to use PTO– Ready to run all your attachments
  • 2700mm dump height – Means you can load trucks or pile things up higher and easier
  • Easy to operate and accessible controls – Operate your King 60 in comfort
  • Drum brakes – Allows you to stop easily and not get mud in them in the case you will get bogged
  • Reliable and strong – Your King 60 is built strong, as strong as bigger brand name tractors but without the price tag
  • 3-minute on pre-start check – Yes, simple and easy to access, walk around, check oil, water and attachments in 3 mins or less
  • King comfy seat – This gives you comfort when driving all day
  • Rear wheel counter weights – Everything is balanced when filling your bucket
  • Easy clean floor – Getting mud on the floor is easy to clean with no hassles
  • High and Low beam head lights– Perfect to keep your journey safe when out early in the morning or getting back home in the evening
  • Quick release bucket – Adds to the speed, if you need to remove the bucket it is fast, easy and no fuss
  • Adjustable level stick – You can adjust and see the bucket height when you can’t see the bucket
  • All round vision mirrors – So nice and handy to see around you when backing up
  • Plug and Play 3 point linkage – This gives you endless options to attach your accessories onto
  • High grip handles – Walk in and out easily with a high grip handle with easy access, this means even on rough ground you can get back on board with no issues
  • Internal lighting – if you are starting early or finishing late, our carefully selected dash lighting gives you all the light you need to ensure production before the sun is up or when the sun has gone down
  • 12-month workmanship warranty – Your investment is safe and secure. If you have any dramas with workmanship on your tractor or anything in your tractor, let us know and we will sort it out as quickly as we can
  • Dedicated after-sales help and support – 1300 direct line to our help staff. Got a question? We are happy to help
  • Easy add-on equipment – Select from our range, we will fit it to your tractor for you or supply your own and you can fit it when your tractor arrives
  • You can view all the Tractor King tractors online by registering to watch the video, or view them in person at our 800 sqm factory and showroom, located in South Murwillumbah, just 15 minutes south of the Gold Coast – but please call to book a time first. All tractors are on display
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There is much, much, much more to Tractor King tractors and our commitment of service to you and your tractor. But so that we can pass on the rest of the information, please register to watch our informative online video. It takes you on a guided tour and gives you the chance to request an optional information package to be posted to you. Fill out the form either above or below to register to watch the video now. Be sure to include any comments or questions you have in regards to your Tractor King tractor

Tractor King 60 package inclusions:

King 60 Tractor with 4 in 1 bucket ready to go
Overall size 5.0 m long x 1.750m wide – Height 2550mm
100% tax deduction  
reliable 4 cylinder engine  
55 hp on tap  
12-month warranty  
New tyres  
Easy to tow trailers  
rear remote hydraulics  
360 degree manoeuvring  
low fuel consumption  
category 1 3 point linkage  
Fibre glass and steel exterior  
Easy lift engine cover  
easy climb up cab  
Dual access to cabin  
king comfort seat  
Reliable Diesel engine  
Easy to clean floor  
King dual stage clutch  
8 speed forward and 8 speed reverse gears  
simple to use shuttle shift  
Convenient sunshade  
4 in 1 bucket as standard  
strong 600kg lift capacity  
6 easy to remove bucket teeth  
stable weight of 2900kg  
Non slip easy to clean flooring  
easy add and remove light tow bar  
Easy to clean interior  
Ready to start work right away  
Easy to operate lights  
Quick release couplings  
easy to use 3 way linkage  
Quick to access grease nipples  
Rear Drum braking system as standard  
Premium package $28,990 + GST
Finance $139 per week
Optional Extras
Optional Accessories package includes slasher, tow bar, ripper, carry all, forks, grader $5,995 + GST

* Please Note:Get the King 60 with Accessories package for $34,990 + GST or $169 per week.

Delivery at cost or you can pick up. You can secure your tractor with a $100 refundable deposit. This allows us to raise your invoice so everything is clear for you. Once you are happy with everything and sort your finances, then you pay a further 50% deposit to go into production; the balance is due once production is complete and your tractor is ready for delivery.*Finance is TAP, it is an easy, simple process if you are working or have a current business; weekly rates will vary a little based on your personal situation Yes! Take Me On a Detailed Video Tour >>

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