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“The Tractor King Story”

Forged on a foundation of quality, expertise and professionalism, Tractor King was formed.

After looking for a tractor for his own 300 acre property, Matt saw the way people were confused, not sure what to buy and that the industry had more than its fair share of backyarders. Matt has decades of front-line experience in importing, business, manufacturing and retail and has imported many of his own products such as cars, machinery, containers and other items from countries such as USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia to name a few.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen a steady rise in people wanting to get their own cost effective tractor and steer away from the big over priced brands; this is fantastic, however many have come unstuck due to buying from the wrong people without the back up and support needed,” said Matt.

“So, I’ve decided to use my contacts and skills in importing with my decades of experience in helping people with a tractor range that is a fraction of the cost of buying a traditional big international brand name.

“A core difference between a Tractor King tractor and other tractors on the market is that our tractors are multi-purpose, meaning they can be used for many things on your farm or property.

“People work hard and spend a lot of money on their own tractor. So to minimise their risk, I’ve made a commitment to make Tractor King the best value for money possible. This is also why we have a Tractor King information package.

“The videos and information package is there so people can get to know a little about Tractor King, some of the things we stand for and get some insider secrets and tips from us on “How To Select The Tractor That Makes Your Life Easy” before they waste their hard earned money on the wrong type of tractors,” says Matt.

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